Child Custody

Court ordered child custody evaluations including complex factors such as sex abuse, relocation, etc.  Evaluations include interviews, psychological testing, observational visits and collateral contacts and conclude with specific recommendations .

Civil Litigation for Plaintiff and Defense including:


Motor Vehicle and Other Accidents;

Medical Malpractice.

Adult and juvenile psychological evaluations for private attorneys, public defenders, federal capital habeas units, and prosecutors' offices. 


Evaluation and testing for plaintiffs and defendants in civil cases, Independent Medical Examinations, evaluation and testing for prosecution and defense in criminal cases, mental retardation evaluations for capital cases.

Police Officer

Screening of applicants and fitness for duty evaluations.  We have conducted these evaluations for numerous suburban police departments in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, CIA, and the FBI.

Sexual Abuse Defendants and Victims

Psychological evaluations of accused offenders in order to determine personality dynamics and whether the individual meets Meghan's Law criteria (NJ), or PA Senate Bill 1183 (Adam Walsh Act) criteria (PA), Sexually Violent Predator criteria, and related issues relevant to risk assessment.  Evaluation of alleged victims for purposes of competency to testify and/or whether interviewing techniques were suggestive and influencing in a manner that would taint the interview information according to the Michaels criteria (NJ) or Delbridge criteria (PA).

Consultation with Attorneys

Review of other experts' reports and records, and assistance in preparing for cross examination of other expert witnesses.